Children of God

God loves you exactly as you are, you have a place with God forever because of Jesus, and God gives you gifts to share love with the world

Our vision is to see the world with God’s eyes, serve the world with God’s hands, and build up others to do the same.

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Things Jesus values that shape our life together:
EVERYONE belongs
Building strong, trusting relationships as brothers and sisters
Renewal, recreation, and joy
For all people to have a fair chance at a good life
Sharing burdens with our neighbors
Critical thinking, honest questions and doubts

Come and see

Fair Trade Table – Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate samples given away on Monday mornings starting at about 9:00 near College and School St. as a gift to students and to raise awareness of fair trade, and how we can support a just and living wage for the farmers who produce these products.

Open Questions Lunch at Watterson – get your lunch and gather for a safe discussion of questions of faith and life, Mondays at noon (check our facebook page or text Pastor Matt at 901.652.0221 when you get your meal for exact location)

Prayer Walk the Quad – join Pastor Matt in a discipline of walking in prayer for those around us, Mondays at 1:30

Community Meal – Mondays at 6:30 – A meal for students and all who are hungry in our community, where everyone is welcome with dignity & respect.  Preparation begins at 5:00 for those who would like to help.

Worship – Wednesdays 7:15-8:00 – A fusion of ancient patterns and mystery of worship with new music.  Holy Communion is celebrated each week – ALL are welcome at the Lord’s table.

Just for Fun – game nights, bowling nights, tailgating before evening football games, open mic nights, and more!

Discipleship and Leadership – Learn to recognize God’s presence and grow in God’s grace in your life.  This is not just a process for your own spiritual growth, it is to become disciples who make disciples.

Advocacy – On an ongoing basis we work to be more aware of needs, passions, and gifts among and around us that call us to make our campus/community/nation/world a better place.

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